Easy Listening Classics


In 2007 Chris & Dave Atkinson started the father and son duo “BeatzWurkin”.

Both started playing the guitar in their early teens and their music styles were inspired by distinctly different, yet harmonizing influences.

They have been playing together for many years, but only started performing to audiences  after joining a local musicians club in Roleystone, Western Australia.

Both have a passion for music, and their ability is immediately apparent in their tight guitar and vocal performances. This passion and desire to perform made it easy when it came time to find a name for the duo.

"BeatzWurkin" was formed!

They have become popular for their easy listening acoustic/electric performances at local pubs, clubs, community festivals and fundraisers. 

The band plays a range of music styles that has wide audience appeal, and a repertoire that includes something from just about every popular music genre.

All of this, combined with the best equipment and instruments available, assures you of a quality performance for that special function and occasion